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About American Smoking Pipe Repairs

About Mary Ann Keller

My name is Mary Ann Keller and I own and operate AMERICAN SMOKING PIPE REPAIR, CO., located in the beautiful Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania.

I was born and raised in a small coal mining town of Shamokin, Pa. Yes I'm a coal miners daughter. And my Great Great Grandmother smoked a pipe. I heard stories of how all her aprons had burn holes in the pockets, because when the minister came to call she would hide her pipe in her apron pocket!  Just like my Great Great Grandmother I enjoy a good pipe!  I prefer a1/4 bent and I love Lanes 1Q. Also, Aspen is very good, and I purchased that at John B. Hayes Tobacconist.

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History of American Smoking Pipe Repairs

My love of pipes became a reality when I started to work at AMERICAN SMOKING PIPE CO. I worked with Mark Tinsky finishing his new pipes.

In the early 90's I was in a serious auto accident and was off my feet for about 1 1/2 years. Part of my recovery was therapy to help bring my short term memory back. At this time the repair business was born. Since I had trouble remembering the numbers and measurements we color coded everything I needed to use for the pipe repairs. It may sound very strange but it worked!!

I now service over 50 Tobacco stores across the USA and many international customers.

American Smoking Pipe Repair Co. is a separate company from American Smoking Pipe  Co.

Maryann Keller

How American Smoking Pipe Repairs Got Started

Mary Ann Keller
Mary Ann KellerMary Ann KellerMary Ann Keller
Mary Ann Keller