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American Smoking Pipe Repairs Testimonials

Dear Mary Ann, 

You did a fantastic job with the pipe. I'm clutching it now with 
complete satisfaction. Here is a poem which I wrote with the first 
few puffs. I appreciate your dedication. Live well and enjoy your 
life. You have helped me do the same. 

John Fons 

Pipe Repair 

It isn’t so much the pipe, 
As the life within, 
Details pinched and
Poked down in the bowl
Charred by use and 
Application of a flame
To make it burn. 

Isn’t that the way of life,
The savor and the smoke?

Isn’t that our lives so carved 
And curved to make sense 
Of the combustion? We draw
The smoke and send it curling 
Upward like our dreams, 
Our hopes, our aspirations, our
Memory of love and loss. 

Isn’t that the metaphor we 
Place between our teeth and
Grip to take control of what 
We know so well but 
Can’t explain? 

Yes, of course it is and
You who work to fix and
Fashion repairs for the broken
Parts of pipes and therefore 
Dreams of others are a blessing.

Without you old friends would
End in drawers and cabinets.
Farewells would be said to simple
Pleasures and odd lots claim 
Habits good or bad we cherish so.

I light this pipe for you as I
Would a candle upon the altar
Of appreciation. May the smoke
Rise sweetly and carry this my 
Deepest thanks to you. 

-John Fons 

Repaired 7 pipes of mine before Christmas. I was impressed with her work. She found a couple of slight cracks on a  Comoy Skater, she must have checked it with a magnifying glass, before she put on a new stem, to replace a 9mm fitted one. She nickel banded the shaft.      


Just got back the 8 dot Saseini Canadian "Amesbury." The tenon snapped a few months back. She replaced the tenon, saved the 8 dot stem and cleaned it up a bit, looks and smokes better than ever and I had the pipe back a couple of days later after I sent it to her.  


Thank you so much for the prompt SERVICE!!!!! Your workmanship is super and it was great to get back one of my "old favorites" in smoking order. I'm very pleased to have found a source for pipe repair that knows what customer satisfaction means. Other places say about 6 weeks to 6 months turnaround time on a bit repair, Mary Ann did it in 7 days.     

Peter Smith

Dear Maryann,
I'm a "Happy Camper" with my fixed pipes!

Thank You!
Stephen L. Brandt

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John Fons