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American Smoking Pipe Company logo, link to the website opens in a new window.

American Smoking Pipe Co. - Mark Tinsky

All pipes are unique as they are made and finished by hand. Pipes come finished in four ways: natural, a carnuba wax shine is all that's between it and the briar underneath. A two tone stain in light red and walnut which are designed to bring out the beauty of the pipe grain. These pipes contain no putty or varnish but are polished to a high gloss finish with carnuba wax. Also available is the sandblast finish for pipes that may have a cosmetic blemish though still remain excellent smoking pipes.

E.A. Carey's Smoke Shop logo, link to the website opens in a new window.

EA Carey's Smoke Shop

E.A. Carey's Smokeshop is the designer and manufacturer of its patented "Magic Inch" Smoking Pipes. Since 1948 over 1,000,000 Magic Inch Pipes have been sold! But it doesn't stop there. See the exclusive, patented Duncan Hill Aerosphere smoking pipe, available only from us. Enjoy shopping the many lines and offers of pipes offered by E.A. Carey's Smokeshop: Savinelli, Peterson, Nording, Meerschaum, Barling, Corncob & Churchwarden.

Pipedia logo, link to the website opens in a new window.

Pipedia - The Wiki for Pipes

The scope of Pipedia is continually expanding through its contributors. It has become an extensive repository of information on tobacco pipes and their makers. Knowledgeable enthusiasts, collectors, pipe makers, and tobacconists are welcome and encouraged to explore and contribute to Pipedia. Pipe smoking is allowed, encouraged, and facilitated on this site.

Pipes and Cigars logo, link to the website opens in a new window.

Pipes And Cigars

Welcome to Pipes and Cigars, the numero uno online retailer of pipes and pipe tobacco! Our team of seasoned tobacconists at our online pipe shop knows our pipes like the back of our hand. We pride ourselves on our passion for tobacco along with our dedication to helping our customers with all of their smoking pipe needs.

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