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Archived Testimonials - American Smoking Pipe Repair CO. 

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Dear Maryann,

I'm a "Happy Camper" with my fixed pipes!  

Thank You!

Stephen L. Brandt

Happy Customer

Dear Mary Ann, 


You did a fantastic job with the pipe. I'm clutching it now with 

complete satisfaction. Here is a poem which I wrote with the first 

few puffs. I appreciate your dedication. Live well and enjoy your 

life. You have helped me do the same. 


John Fons 



Pipe Repair 


It isn’t so much the pipe, 

As the life within, 

Details pinched and

Poked down in the bowl

Charred by use and 

Application of a flame

To make it burn. 


Isn’t that the way of life,

The savor and the smoke?


Isn’t that our lives so carved 

And curved to make sense 

Of the combustion? We draw

The smoke and send it curling 

Upward like our dreams, 

Our hopes, our aspirations, our

Memory of love and loss. 


Isn’t that the metaphor we 

Place between our teeth and

Grip to take control of what 

We know so well but 

Can’t explain? 


Yes, of course it is and

You who work to fix and

Fashion repairs for the broken

Parts of pipes and therefore 

Dreams of others are a blessing.


Without you old friends would

End in drawers and cabinets.

Farewells would be said to simple

Pleasures and odd lots claim 

Habits good or bad we cherish so.


I light this pipe for you as I

Would a candle upon the altar

Of appreciation. May the smoke

Rise sweetly and carry this my 

Deepest thanks to you. 


-John Fons 

John Fons

Wednesday, 10/14/20, 8:12 PM


This lady is AMAZING. Repaired my Peterson Killarney to almost new condition when I thought it was a lost cause and the turnaround time was less than a week! Thanks Mary Ann! You're the best!


Wayne Norvell - Texas


Wednesday, 8/19/20, 8:45 PM


I have had several repair cases for Mary Ann over the last fifteen years, She is quite well versed in pope repair and restoration. She is also very timely, You do not have to sit around for six weeks waiting for your repairs to be completed. She has earned my trust and my business.


Scott Fleming - Clovis, Ca



Sunday, 6/14/20, 4:56 PM


Just wanted to give some praise! Excellent quality, superior workmen-ship, and quick turnaround. Old pipe is better than new again! Thank you so much!


Tom - KY



Tuesday, 3/3/20, 8:03 PM


Sorry for the re-entry but I hit submit too soon on the previous post. Anyway, I am so happy that I was referred to you Mary Ann. You did a fantastic job on my pipe. I thought I would need a new stem so I don’t know what you did but it looks brand new. The nickel band you added really gives it a classic look. Part of the enjoyment of pipe smoking for me is the aesthetic quality just as much as the way the pipe smokes. Thank you again for doing such a great job.


Mike - TX


Saturday, 2/8/20, 2:16 PM

Thank you again Mary Ann for your signature artistry in pipe reclamation. When I asked you for a pair of custom Lucite stems for my "freehand" Briar pipe, I wasn't expecting what I got back in the mail. Everyone who has seen my newly repaired pipe has commented on how beautiful the stems seem to "FIT" THE BEAUTY AND THE LOOK of the pipe. These are not all pipe smokers who have made such comments.I can't seem to put it down. It's such a pleasure to hold and admire.....and SMOKE. Thank You again,


MYKE S. - ​Cohoes


Tuesday, 1/7/20, 9:56 AM

Thoroughly delighted with Mary Ann's excellent service on my favorite vintage pipes, a Charatan Make and a Ben Wade. Not only did she replace the bits that I had bit through, but she also opened up the bottom of the bowls. And she sent them back to me in less than a week - during the holiday season. Thank you, Mary Ann.

Jeff - PA

Wednesday, 10/16/19, 10:15 AM

We are not smokers however we do have a special pipe on display on our mantel which fell and the stem broke. Mary Ann did a fantastic job installing a new stem and clean up for our family smoking pipe on display and the pipe is very old but now looks new. Thank You Mary Ann as glad I found you via your webpage in PA.


Neal E. - Los Angeles Ca.


Friday, 6/28/19, 1:33 AM

Mary Ann did such an amazing job re-stemming my Ben Wade. The new stem joins perfectly, it’s straight and even, and I have enjoyed getting back to smoking this pipe. She has, ever so carefully, given new life back to such a wonderful briar, and I couldn’t be more thankful.

Jacob - Cleveland TN

Sunday, 4/14/19, 3:34 PM


For all of our childhood years, my siblings and I remember the little wooden shoe pipe that was on the special shelf at home. My father had brought it home from France when he returned from WWII. Over the years it came into my possession. One day as I was showing it to my son, I dropped it and broke the stem. Superglue worked for display, but not very well. One of my brothers had asked me about it and I decided to give it to him, refurbished. Mary Ann did a fantastic job replacing the stem, fixing a crack/hole and making it glow again. Wonderful work!


Kathy - Tallahassee, Florida


Monday, 4/8/19, 4:36 PM


Amazing service, great communication, and a world class stem replacement... I highly recommend this fine Woman's work!


Paul P. - Charlotte, VT



Wednesday, 2/27/19, 6:44 PM


MaryAnn Keller is a pipe repair artist of the highest caliber. Each and every one of the pipes I have sent it have been repaired to my complete satisfaction and the turn around time is almost as impressive! You will not find a better place to get your favorite old pipes back into smoking condition.


Richard F. - Meadville

Web Site -



Thursday, 12/27/18, 9:42 AM


Hi Mary Ann, Thanks so very much for getting my three old friends back in service. You were very fast and the work is great. I am puffing on the poker, the oldest of my three repaired pipes, as I type these lines. And you did all of this during the Christmas rush. You are A+ in my book and I am recommending you to my friends.


From: John S. - Wisconsin



Wednesday, 9/12/18, 7:37 AM


You did a perfect job of repairing my broken stem. It matches perfectly with the pipe neck and I could not be happier with your expert work. Thank you very much. Rhon


Rhon N. - Montross

Web Site -



Monday, 6/4/18, 5:04 PM


Great job Mary Ann. I’ve waited over a year to find someone who could fix this and you did it in less than a week. The turn around time from me to you and back to me was less than 7 days. Outstanding! It smokes great again. Thank you


Stev - Virginia




Saturday, 4/7/18, 10:57 AM


Another fine job on my Skovgaard. Thank you Mary Ann Harvey O


Harvey O -Georgia




Monday, 2/19/18, 12:56 PM


I will also send you an email, to I have five pipes in need of new stems: Jumbo - Acrylic Jeantet Lumberman - Acrilic? "Tigereye"? (smoky pattern) Meershaum - Lucite Freehand - Lucite Calabash - broken at shank, stem stuck in tenon, Lucite How can we begin doing business together? My email is above, my phone is 202-431-0474.


Karl D. R. - Basye VA

Friday, 1/12/18, 8:39 AM


For 9 years you have done miracles with my well used pipes. My Knute, my Savinelli's and my pride, the Skovgaard. Whether it be burned out bowls or stem replacements, you always take them back to their prime. Thank you Mary Ann! Harvey O


Harvey O. - Hahira, GA


Thursday, 1/11/18, 8:58 AM


Mary Ann does a service which, if not unique, if without parallel in my experience. I just had four battered old pipes refurbished: they now look almost brand new. Her prices are reasonable and her "turnaround" from date of receipt remarkable. Bless you Maryann!


Anthony C. - London, England

Web Site - Anthony Cutler






Wednesday, 10/18/17, 8:41 AM


Maryanne just repaired two BEN WADE freehand carved, bent briar pipes for me, with the quickest turn- around time that stunned me. The craftsmanship that she puts into her art is something to see. When my pipes left for repair, they certainly didn't look as nice as when I received them back. I certainly know who to send my broken pipes to, from here on out! I would highly recommend Maryanne to repair all of your smoking pipes as well. Thank You Maryanne.


M.S. - Colorado


Saturday, 5/20/17, 7:22 PM


My best Danish Larsen pipe got knocked down and broke the tenon of the bit off. Mary Anne fixed it up with a new stem and returned it in a week - a record in my experience for repairs. It look as good as ever and I'm very happy. I need my pacifier in my old age!


Kai K. - San Franacisco, CA


Friday, 4/7/17, 2:06 PM


I sent over 20 pipes to Maryann Keller to be repaired. They were an accumulation of years from my pipe collection. All in poor and un-smokable To my delight and amazement these pipes were returned to me after MaryAnn's craftsmanship in as new condition. I was amazed at how good they ALL looked. Every pipe draws well, looks great, and every stem fits perfectly into the shank. I asked myself, "how did she do this"!!! She is an artist and obviously takes great pride in her craft. I am thoroughly enjoying my NEW OLD pipes. Please email me at if you need further platitudes on MaryAnn and the quality of her work. I love commending people who go "above and beyond" in their work and life. Harvey Emert Boca Raton, Fl





Thursday, 4/6/17, 12:48 PM


Mary Ann has now repaired and/or restored more than 20 odd pipes for me over three different occasions.  From straight-forward stem replacements to repairing cracks or holes in bowls, restaining briar and repairing a meerschaum pipe.  Her skill and craftsmanship is exceptional as I've been both impressed and delighted with her work.  Her fees are very reasonable and the turnover time for repairs has averaged around a week.  She's the best! 


Jeff - Upstate NY



Tuesday, 3/28/17, 7:22 AM


Dear Mary Ann, thanks so very much to bring life back to my beloved pipes, 30 years of enjoying them and now again. wonderful job you did. be well and have pleasant 24 hours, always. 


Manfred Z. - Falmouth



Sunday, 2/19/17, 8:30 AM


Sent one my Peterson Sherlock Holmes series pipes from rainy California to Pennsylvania. I had snapped the stem off a beautiful pipe. I sent the pipe and got it back in less than two weeks . It was perfectly repaired.. the stem looks as good as new. The price was very reasonable too. I would highly recommend American Smoking Pipe Repairs


Jay S. - Oceanside Ca




Sunday, 2/5/17, 8:31 AM


Fantastic job on my EA Cary pipe. I thought it was a goner. Mary Ann worked it over for me, now it looks like a new pipe. Quick turnaround. Reasonable cost. I am so happy with her work. I will be sending more pipes to her. This lady has a magic touch for pipes.


T Whitley - North Carolina



Saturday, 9/3/16, 9:03 AM


I haven’t had a pipe repaired since way back when Mary Ann worked with Mark Tinsky. So, I was glad to see that she was still around when I broke the tenon on an old Ascorti. Anticipating a long separation from one of my favorite pipes, I decided to gather up everything else that needed a fix and sent it along too. That was on Thursday. On the following Wednesday my repaired pipes arrived in the mail. To sum it up, I sent five broken and useless pipes (three meerschaums and two briars) from S.C. to Pa. This lady made th This lady made them beautiful and smokable again, and got them back and got them back to me in six days. When I asked her about the qui her about the quick turn around and the fact that she sent them bac she sent them back before receiving payment, she replied with this replied with this email: Good morning Michael, I'm so glad you are happy with your pipes!! I wanted you t wanted you to have them before the holiday weekend, so you could so you could enjoy them! As far as trusting my customers, t customers, they are THE GREATEST!! I believe pipe smokers are smokers are a very special breed:) This is how I have run my have run my business for the last 22 yrs. Enjoy them and have a great weekend! Thank you for your business, Mary Ann Honesty, integrity, a unique talent, and a genuine des desire to make her customers happy are some of the rea reasons she was still in business when I needed her again after all these years. I’d just like to say “Thanks” to her once more, as I look around for anything else that might need some work. work. Mike


Mike B. - Blue Ridge S.C.




Thursday, 9/1/16, 3:04 PM


Thank you for repairing and refurbishing my pipes. You did a great job. They look beautiful. And thank you for doing the job very promptly. I highly recommend any pipe smoker who needs a repair or a refurbishing of their pipes to send them to you. Great job. Thanks.


Michael M. - Westfield, NJ




Thursday, 6/30/16, 2:12 PM


Recently I became a first-time customer of Mary Ann and her pipe repair business. I found her to be the epitome of a great small business person. She diagnoses the problem, explains what needs to be done, tells you what it will cost and how long it will take, then does exactly what she said she would do, and gets it completely right. Anyone seeking to better their chance of being successful in life would be well served to adopt this lady's business model. And any potential customer who likes someone who is honest, caring, and abundantly competent needs to look no further than Mary Ann. Respectfully, John

John - Florida

Monday, 2/29/16, 1:59 AM


Mary Ann did a marvelous job for me - a new stem for a pipe. I had heard of her talent and decided to see what she could do. I was not disappointed. I will gladly do business with her anytime!


Don - Pittsburgh, PA




Friday, 10/23/15, 8:18 PM


Dear Mary Ann, I received my pipe with the replacement stem you made made. I wanted to thank you for the superb job you did. did. The new stem looks and fits great. In fact I'm I'm smoking the pipe right now. I feel very fort fortunate to have you to turn to when I need work done done on my pipes. I look forward to using your serv services in the future and will direct my fellow pipe pipe smokers to your business. Sincerely yours, Dan S.


Dan S. - Birmingham, AL


Thursday, 10/15/15, 8:28 AM


You're an magician - I received a Peterson pipe back in the early 80s, and through the years (and a few unsuccessful attempts by myself to refurbish it), it began to look rather forlorn. After Mary Ann got her hands on it, the pipe looks like it just came out of the display case in Ireland!


Gino - California


Thursday, 6/25/15, 12:05 PM


Found Mary Ann just by Googling: her history and these testimonies sounded legit. Doesn't go anywhere near describing just how great she is: Six of my favorite pipes, crunched, chewed, dropped out of commission, in perfect condition in less than 10 days. It was like meeting old friends, renovated. I wish I could redo myself as easily. Now -- the working part of the collection is going her way for a tune-up! Ian


Ian Fisher - New York


Friday, 6/19/15, 11:39 AM


I ran across Mary Ann while searching for someone to repair a 35+ year old pipe with lots of sentimental value as a gift for my Dad for Father's Day. While I rarely write testimonials, I do love to read reviews about products to get a real sense of value. Based on my experience with Mary Ann- I would say send her your repairs with confidence. She was quick to respond to all emails with clear answers. She finished the work with a quick turnaround and it is beautiful! My father could not have been more surprised or pleased. She is reasonably priced and a true artisan. Don't delay-contact her today. Anne P.S. Take time to read her website-quite impressive!!!!!


Anne H. - North Carolina



Thursday, 3/26/15, 7:50 PM


Superb workmanship and a very quick turnover. Thanks so much.


Mitchell G. - New Jersey


Tuesday, 9/16/14, 6:44 PM


Hi Mary Ann... Just a quick note to let you know that I received my pipes today. You did a great job on the repairs...and I could not believe how quickly you completed the work and returned them to me. Thanks so very much, John


John T. - Lake City, Florida


Wednesday, 8/27/14, 2:24 PM


Dear Mary Ann, I just now received my pipe with tenon replaced, and am admiring your workmanship as I smoke it. And it was all done so quickly - and so modestly priced. Thank you. Charles Fornara


Charles F. - Southern Rhode Island

Web Site - ​Charles Fornara

Wednesday, 3/26/14, 9:16 AM


Mary Ann is a god-send for us pipe smokers. Like she says: You break 'em, I fix 'em. She has repaired about a dozen of my pipes over the years to my complete satisfaction. I am sending some more for repair today and saw the guest book. My pleasure to sign and recommend.


Laird C. - Silver City

Monday, 2/24/14, 5:48 AM


30 years ago, I broke the stem off of a pipe, and completely forgot I had it. A friend recommended Mary Ann to me. Now, the pipe looks better than new, and Mary Ann was most helpful. I now have an old friend back, and made a new friend...fantastic Mary Ann !


​Ted F. - Ocala Florida


Thursday, 11/7/13, 5:34 AM


Another fantastic pipe repair!! Mary Ann is an expert craftsman - 5 star, with amazingly fast turnaround. Pipes are expertly repaired to like new condition and returned within one week.


Ken - Virginia




Wednesday, 10/9/13, 2:41 PM


Heartfelt thanks to Mary Ann for her expert craftsmanship and speedy service. She has repaired several pipes for me over the past 10+ years and her work is always amazing!!


Ken - Virginia




Friday, 9/20/13, 12:49 PM


Mary Ann does EXCELLENT work every time I go to her.


​Anthony C. - State College PA




Thursday, 7/11/13, 12:11 PM


Mary Ann, you have done it again. You have graciously repaired these things and send them back like brand new...can't ask for any better than that. You have repaired at least 7 of my pipes and I can honestly say that I wouldn't consider anyone else working with them. Thank you Harvey O


Harvey Olson - South Georgia




Wednesday, 6/26/13, 6:01 AM


My six estate pipes came back clean, glowing, the wood grain beautiful, the stems immaculate, looking better than I ever imagined. Thank you!


Kihm W. - Skaneateles, N.Y.

Web Site - Faithful Readers


Monday, 6/10/13, 6:39 PM


I had a pipe of great sentimental value and tried for a long time to find someone to repair it. I found Mary Anne online. Within a month of sending the pipe to her, I had it back repaired and in great shape. Her service was excellent and her help extraordinary. If ever I need work done again in the future, she's the one I'm going to.


Josiah - Canada




Friday, 5/31/13, 3:38 PM


Thanks for the truly excellent job you did in crafting a new lucite stem for my freestyle Danish pipe. It's even better than the original one, and I'm astonished at how quickly you managed to do the work and send it back to me. Great job, great service!


Sanford - Los Angeles




Sunday, 5/12/13, 5:22 PM


I have sent three pipes for repair to Maryann and have been very satisfied with the results every time. If you want quality, honesty and to keep your pipes alive, she's the one.


Joe Castelo - Long Island, NY



Saturday, 3/30/13, 9:26 AM


hello, I have a couple of repairs i would like to discuss but when i select email in the contact page i only receive a blank page. would you please be so kind as to email me your email address so i can detail the specifics ? thank you, sincerely, m.a.diaz kalamazoo, MI, U.S.A.


M.A. Diaz - Kalamazoo,MI, U.S.A.




Thursday, 2/14/13, 4:57 PM


Last week when I rec'd my 3rd pipe repaired & reconditioned by Mary Ann I gave her the ultimate compliment - - just what every woman wants to hear - - " YOU DA MAN !!!" Mary Ann does remarkable work, is totally professional & very pleasant to boot. (There aren't many contractors/business owners today that I can say that about with no reservation.) ALL her work was great, BUT I'm most pleased with my 25+ year old CHATATAN "Perfection" that came back with a total make-over. New Charatan stem, reconditioned: sanded top of bowl, reamed bowl to factory specs, cleaned & polished inside and out - - this "BABY" looks as it did coming out of the showcase way-back-when. I'M DELIGHTED !!! I've spoken highly of Mary Ann & American Pipe Repairs to my buddies at our local smoke shop; AND WILL CONTINUE TO REFER CUSTOMERS HER WAY. Sincerely, JOE "G."


Joe G. - Wayne, N.J.




Wednesday, 2/6/13, 1:49 PM


Just received my pipes today and I can barely believe my eyes. EXACTLY the way I wanted them fixed. Not only are you fast but you are an exceptional craftswoman. I do a lot of model railroad work and home repair and remodeling so I know what good work looks like and yours is outstanding. The pride you have in your craft shows in your work on my pipes. Keep up the great work and I will send your money in tomorrow's mail. Thanks again. P.S. Your web site is excellent and one of the reasons I chose you to do my work. Mike.


Michael B. - Osceola, Wisconsin




Saturday, 1/26/13, 1:54 PM


She did an excellent job we communicated often answers to my questions 10+


Armand - Chicago Heights, Illinois



Monday, 1/16/12, 2:19 PM


Hello to All - Just wanted to say that in 2010 i needed a replacement stem for a Dunhill. Mary Ann did a fine job at a fair price and in a very reasonable time. I wouldn't hesitate to send her pipe repair work myself. Thanks! Enjoy your day - Mike


Mike G. - Saint Clair, MI




Monday, 1/16/12, 1:45 PM


Thank you so much for your wonderful craftmanship, service, attention to detail & unbelievably FAST turnaround time -- EIGHT(8)DAYS DOOR TO DOOR! The pipes repaired are two(2)favs that are about 25 years old. I didn't want to just give up on them or continue to smoke them uncomfortably, as I was for about 3-4 months. You've made the SAVINELLI "Autograph" look better than its original qualities -- having left the length, style & new color of the Lucite stem to your judgement. I wanted the BUTZ to be modified from a semi-bend to full Calabash & you nailed it! As you can tell, I'm VERY PLEASED. Thanks, JOE G.





Thursday, 1/12/12, 8:25 AM


My wife bought me a Ropp deluxe from e-bay for Christmas. Unfortunately when it arrived the stem was broken inside the shaft. I contacted Mary Ann who gave me a price for a new stem and shipping. I mailed my pipe and had it back in a week and a half. Very pleased with the new stem, nice snug fit. Excellent work! I will definitely be back again. Thank you Mary Ann, Tom.


Tom C. - Maryland



Friday, 12/2/11, 5:37 PM


Thanks for the great job. I have another one to send you as soon as I get a second great buy with something wrong that I know you will fix to its original condition.


​Thomas R. D. - Houston TX



Tuesday, 10/18/11, 12:10 PM


I was not expecting this type of workmanship. My favorite pipe was a mess and when I got it back it was like new. I will be sending more to this miracle worker.


Chip - North Carolina




Saturday, 9/24/11, 4:04 AM


On a scale of 1-10 I would give a 12!! for workmanship and service. Do you do windows? LOL


Wayne - Kentucky



Saturday, 7/30/11, 11:44 AM


I am very pleased with your refurbishment service on my old Kings Cross Savinelli...great job. I am sending you another item for repair and I know your work will be very professional on this one as well. Thank you!


Bill - Alabama


Thursday, 7/28/11, 2:52 PM


Beautiful work and super fast turn around. The quality of materials is better than the originals.


Karl - London Ont. Canada




Wednesday, 5/18/11, 3:17 PM


Excellent work. Saved my favorite pipe. Thank you.


Domenick - Florida

June, 2021


I am so happy to have met Mary Ann. She did a beautiful job replacing my churchwarden stems with ferrules. Very quality job at a fair price. Thank you MAK 


Ted Neff

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