High Quality Tobacco Pipe Repair

High Quality Tobacco Smoking Pipe Repair


American Smoking Pipe Repair Company is located in the Beautiful Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania and offers high quality tobacco smoking pipe repair with a quick turn around.  With over 27 years experience repairing pipes, my quality and service is second to none!  

You Break Them - I Fix Them!
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Accidents do happen, parts may wear or crack, no worries I handle all types of repairs!   Repairing pipes is my passion and you can feel rest assured I handle each and every repair as if it were my own favorite smoking pipe.

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Tobacco Pipe Smoking is a passion for many people around the United States and I work with over 50 tobacco shops across the U.S.A  


I no longer do International repair/shipping. 

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Frequently I am asked if I have my prices on my web site.  It is difficult to post prices because each repair, although similar, has it's own uniqueness with materials, age of pipe, logo's etc.  Please, if you have any questions, please contact me via Email   


This lady is AMAZING. Repaired my Peterson Killarney to almost new condition when I thought it was a lost cause and the turnaround time was less than a week! Thanks Mary Ann! You're the best!


Wayne Norvell - TX

I have had several repair cases for Mary Ann over the last fifteen years, She is quite well versed in pope repair and restoration. She is also very timely, You do not have to sit around for six weeks waiting for your repairs to be completed. She has earned my trust and my business.


Scott Fleming - CA

Just wanted to give some praise! Excellent quality, superior workmen-ship, and quick turnaround. Old pipe is better than new again! Thank you so much!


Tom - KY